Ducks in a Row

"Ducks in a Row - Benicia Boatyard" - 8" x 16" - Oil on wood panel

Last month (August 24, 2019) I participated in the 4th Annual Benicia Plein Air Paint-Out. This year I painted another view of the Benicia Boatyard, however, I set up my easel in a slightly different location from the spot I have worked from previously.  While painting, a number of ducks were working the shoreline with some other waterfowl. I decided to incorporate them into my painting since they seemed to add some "life" and interest to the overall scene.


Pioneer Street Mansard

This is one of the paintings I did in March for the 2019 Calistoga Plein Air Paint-Out Competition.

"Pioneer Street Mansard" - Oil on Panel - 10 x 8 inches


Sketchbook - Sunset at Bodega Head

This is a quick study that I did in my pocket sketchbook over the Labor Day weekend.  I am always glad when I see something interesting and have sketching materials ready to capture the moment!
Watercolor and pencil on paper; 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches


Benicia Boatyard - 2nd Version

"Carquinez Strait Morning" - 8 x 16 inches; Oil on wood panel

Here's the painting I did over this past weekend for the Benicia Plein Air Gallery 2018 Paint Out Competition.  For this entry I received the "People's Choice Award."  I really enjoyed this event and met some new artists and got better acquainted with ones whom I had met before.

This painting is another version of the boatyard scene that I painted during last year's event.  Though this time around I was able to anticipate some of the light changes and tidal inflows that occur as the morning progresses.


Water Street Alley - Petaluma

Water Street Alley seen from across Petaluma Boulevard.

The week before last, while visiting a downtown coffee shop, I decided to sketch the wall in the alley across the street.  I wanted to see how well I could render textures of stone and brick with a fair amount of detail.  The challenge was to keep the line-work from becoming too "busy".  Not sure how successful I was, as there is always a fine balance between having too little, versus too much, detail in a drawing. Getting that balance right is something I work at continually.


Crane Creek Dry Season

Here's my painting of a dry stream bed at the northern boundary of Crane Creek Regional Park. Based on photos, pencil sketches and watercolor studies done on the spot during several visits to the park during late summer.   

"Crane Creek Dry Season" - Oil on Panel; 11x14 inches


Schoolhouse Beach, Again

Here is a sketch of Schoolhouse Beach done over the weekend.  Maybe an idea for a future painting.

Pencil on paper, 3.5" x 10.75"


Benicia Boatyard

A plein air painting I did of the Benicia Boatyard showing the Carquinez Strait in the background.
Oil on wooden panel; 8 x 16 inches


Recent Sketchbook Drawings

I have been making an effort to do more sketching as the opportunities arise, and then post them to this blog when I have filled a few pages in my sketchbook with drawings I think people might want to look at.  Here are some below:

"View of Baker Street in Petaluma, CA"

"Calm Day at Doran Beach, Bodega Bay, CA"

"Morning Shadows, Three Rivers, CA"

"Hillside, Three Rivers, CA"
"View of the hills, Three Rivers, CA"


A New Card Design

Since I have not posted anything in a while, I've uploaded this greeting card design that I worked on several months ago.  This is from a house plant we received and it was something handy for me to sketch at the time.  Later I worked it up into this watercolor design.  Shown below is my work area where I painted multiple versions of this card.  Hope to do more of these types of projects in the future.